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Capricorn Pig Personality Traits


The Capricorn Pig Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Capricorn (December 22- January 20)
Year of the Pig: 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019
This mix creates a being of infinite talent and aspirations to match. The sky is the limit. Capricorn/Pigs never see themselves as less than monstrously famous and hugely wealthy. These are grandeur specialists, whose personal goals of cosmic proportions don’t stand in the way of their equally epic egos. There is, in the Capricorn/Pig makeup, a certain refreshing purity of desire. No Capricorn/Pig ever underestimates him- or herself. Some claim that such a clearheaded attitude toward blatant self-seeking ambition is healthy. I guess maybe it is—for the Capricorn/Pig, anyway.

As we already know, Pigs tend to credulity and lawfulness. They almost always do things the “right” way. They work long and hard. They study. They do their homework. They take care of their families and properties. They are responsible citizens. They usually even vote. Capricorns, too, are solid citizens. They also like to abide by rules and regulations. They work hard and they study well. Capricorns also vote.

So, the Capricorn born Pig is pure of heart and as determined as a bulldozer in a demolition derby. Capricorn/Pigs take the prize for great know-how and an unparalleled willingness to share their abilities with the world. They are compassionate and hardly ever say no to a cry for help. They are generous, yet careful not to waste. They are extraordinarily cultivated and forever seek to increase their knowledge, as they are wildly curious.

As the Capricorn/Pig is self-sacrificing and rarely strays from the path of righteousness, it is perplexing to her that others can be less scrupulous than she and still stay out of prison. No scofflaw, this character. In fact, Capricorn/Pigs are shocked by shady dealings and untruths. They hardly know what to make of improbity and are even a little bit fascinated by it. You watch and see if a Capricorn/Pig doesn’t one day whisper confidentially to you that he knows of a place you can get a “real deal on a color TV ,” implying that this TV may be stolen. Ask him if he has one of those hot TVs at his place. “Oh no!” he’ll burst out, fearing you might think him capable of such knavery. Capricorn/Pigs never descend to perfidy.

Hardheaded and traditional, the Capricorn/Pig is a bit of a prude. He or she will be sensitive and drawn to artistic endeavor. Manners are important to the Capricorn/Pig, and exemplary behavior in public goes right along with them. This subject boasts a gigantic ego. Nothing daunts him. He is confident and clearheaded. He wants to go far and he does. Modesty does not roil the limpid waters of this person’s soul.


The Capricorn/Pig invests him- or herself totally in romantic affairs. Yes, he or she is pure of spirit and by nature a giving person. But such dedication and fervent commitment to the emotional side of life can burden the object of this person’s vast affections. The Capricorn/Pig is a faithful and passionate lover. But he or she is also a smothering one. These people want to own those they love and are terrified of losing them. Jealousy and rage, scenes and scandals, are not beneath their dignity.

This possessiveness makes it very much of a responsibility to be loved by or to love such a character. They are tempting and wonderful to hang out with. But Capricorn/Pigs want to protect their loves from all outside influence. They may be jealous of your friends and of your extracurricular activities. They may have tantrums and embarrass you in public. The only defense against this tidal wave of love is to let it wash over you and wait till you bob to the surface. If you ever try to break up with one of these people—good luck!

Home and Family

The surroundings of Capricorn/Pigs will be less opulent than those of other, more comfort-conscious Pig subjects. The Capricorn likes a pleasant home but can live without three satin cushions under his derrière at all times. So the interior of a Capricorn/Pig house will be cozy but have a tinge of austerity to its style. Hard-edged paintings (of great value, of course) and sculptures, geometric fabric designs and plenty of grays and primary reds and blues. Green is a color the Capricorn/Pig likes, too. There will be thriving houseplants everywhere.

The Capricorn/Pig is a little on the busy side to end up having a large family to raise. More likely, this person will prefer not to marry at all. In deference to his mission or career, the Capricorn/Pig may forego the pleasures of parenthood. If, however, he or she does have a child, it will of course be raised with great care and enormous, passionate, suffocating love. If you are a Capricorn/Pig parent and you have a tendency to be a little rigorous and overly protective of your bairns, buy a dog and give the kids a break.

Capricorn/Pig children will be driven by their desire to arrive at excellence in a field they will probably choose very young. They are certainly talented for learning and for all things cultural. You can take this child to museums and galleries and theatrical productions and operas until your feet wear off. Capricorn/Pig children are baby culture vultures. They are clingingly sweet as well. Watch their candy intake.


The subject we are discussing here is an interpretive genius. His or her talents rarely lie in creative areas. The strength of Capricorns born in Pig years is their ability to emote for public consumption. They accumulate enormous stores of artistic knowhow through reading and learning and watching others. Then they show their vision to the world. They don’t have much inventive or abstract gift. But they are brilliant at reflecting the world’s own image to itself.

I expect this person would make a very demanding yet respectable boss. It wouldn’t do to betray him in business. Capricorn/Pigs become hysterical over betrayal. They beat their breasts and keen. As an employee this person will be dutiful because all Capricorn/Pigs are that way. But he won’t want to be an underling and he won’t hesitate to try to wrench the boss’s job away—not forcibly, fairly and squarely. But wrench he will, nonetheless. Scrupulously.

Some jobs that might suit this subject’s talents are: actor, musician, dancer, singer, doctor, linguist, clergyman (bishop), gallery owner.
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