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Capricorn Dragon Personality Traits


The Capricorn Dragon Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Capricorn (December 22- January 20)
Year of the Dragon: 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Nobody condemns mediocrity the way the Capricorn/Dragon can. For people born in this combination of signs, prosperity as a result of personal toil amounts to the strongest hedge against the ordinary. The Capricorn/Dragon is special. He or she feels that peculiarity from a young age, realizes its terrible fragility and wants more than anything to be able to hang on to uniqueness forever. Capricorn/Dragon is aware of the pitfalls of upward mobility. He or she knows full well how much of a struggle is required to reach a peaceable victory and call a truce with adversity. But this knowledge does not daunt this angular Dragon subject. Threats and red flags cannot deter the true zealot.

Capricorn austerity is not very obvious here. When first you meet this sunny person with the hearty handshake and open ready smile, you’d almost believe you had been greeted by a glib Gemini or a munificent Leo. But no. Capricornian Dragons are naturally bright and cheerful—unless they are contradicted. Then suddenly you will note a clear aura of cool tension rising from this subject’s epidermis. That’s rigidity and stiffness.

The Capricorn/Dragon is talented for projects that ask for vehemence and gusto. He likes to be thoughtful of others and gets a real charge out of the expressions of gratitude they shower on him in return. He’s a crowd-pleaser, but not for gain. His motives are personal. He wants attention and knows how to go after it in a positive fashion. Dragons love festivals and holidays, parties and crowds. The Capricorn/Dragon is no exception. The only difference is that Capricorn likes to give the parties himself, take care of guests with that special appeal native to his sign, and make certain that everyone is comfortable and having a good time. The Capricorn/Dragon is the caterer of the double zodiac. He’s always up for a get together and he’ll do the shopping and cooking and even the cleaning afterwards, so long as you promise to go home happy.

The main drawback of this character's personality is his or her inability to say out loud what he or she feels inside. Don’t misunderstand. The Capricorn/Dragon is a competent and eloquent communicator for all that relates to the outside. But when it comes to intimacy, the Capricorn born in Dragon years stalls out. He or she cannot trippingly spill the words “I love you” or “You have beautiful hair” or “Don’t ever leave me” or “My darling Adam, you’re the best ever.” Capricorn/Dragons are privately reserved. They are forever being accused of coldness in matters of the heart.

This very genuine person makes a good lifelong friend. He or she will keep all commitments to loved ones and even stick out a neck once or twice if necessary. If a Capricorn/Dragon likes you, he will go through fire to see you thrive. He’s not only loyal but he carries out his beliefs. If you have a problem collecting a radio you loaned someone a year ago, tell the Capricorn/Dragon of your woe. He’ll hie himself to the person’s house in the name of what’s right. He’ll take the matter to court.

Capricorn/Dragons make terrific chums. But God help you if you do them wrong: The Capricorn/Dragon loses interest in traitors as swiftly as he demonstrates his devotion to those he cares for.


The purity streak is very strong in Capricorn/Dragons. They are painfully honest about their preferences, and although diplomatic in every other, area of life, in love they sometimes make terrible romantic faux pas. I think the Capricorn/Dragon would love to settle down and marry and have a family—period! Yet, this person is too appealing for his/her own good. And pleasing is their pleasure. So when someone is too pleased for words and wishes to push the pleasure a bit further, Capricorn/Dragon is sorely tempted. Thing is, Capricorn/Dragons are quite conservative. If they do get involved in extramural sex, they like to think the devil made them do it. Their seething jealousy in love situations is positively frightening. They rant!

If you love a Capricorn/Dragon, don’t hesitate to be firm with them. Make them understand that you love them for something more basic than their good looks or sex appeal. And put your foot down about all those parties, too. With this good-hearted soul you will have to wear the heaviest shoes. Capricorn/Dragons are too busy being nice to realize they haven’t remembered to tell you how much they adore you. They must be reminded. But they don't hate being prompted. They are the type who might consider backseat driving a favor. “Oh, really? A stop sign? Where?” They really are too cute.

Home and Family

Most Capricorn/Dragons wish they lived in well-appointed surroundings. And most Capricorn/Dragons live in bohemian pads. Their chairs don’t match, their cat uses the table top as a bed, their baby has been eating the telephone book again, and darn! Where is the mate to this green sock? Capricorn/Dragons are messy about the house. They like pretty things but can do without. If you want an example, I’d say the average  Capricorn/Dragon would rather invest in a magnum of expensive champagne than buy a snazzy couch or an antique chair. They are not really very materialistic people. They like nice things for practical purposes. But they care not about impressing or being like someone else.

These people make happy parents. The Capricorn/Dragon, with his slightly stiff upper-lip air and restrained laugh, is thoroughly amused by kids. They represent innocence and creativity and a carefree life. Capricorn/Dragon’s dream is to have care lifted from his shoulders, to really fly like Peter Pan away from responsibility and worry. Of course, he does precisely the opposite and plunges head first every time into the role of Reliable Roger. So kids, to the Capricorn/Dragon, mean potential freedom. He wishes his little Melody or Mary Lee would grow up to be a great artist so that she would never have to buckle under to dull routines and smile at half-wit superiors. Heaven help the kid whose own lifelong dream is to be an accountant for Xerox.

As a child, no matter his place in the family, this kid will unconsciously take on the role of eldest. He or she slips readily into positions of command, and if siblings and parents see no objection to Capricorn/Dragon taking over the running of the household, he or she will make short work of setting an example for the others. He is not one to lord his power over others. But this child will be a natural leader. And winning? You’ll fall directly in love with this tot. Capricorn/Dragons are irresistibly attractive.


Capricorn/Dragons recognize their own little foibles and are intensely interested in who they are and how they got to be like that. You will often find them in careers where the mirroring of human nature is the vector. They understand themselves and seek to understand the needs of others. They are generous but nonetheless careful with their money. They have natural talent for directing operations and managing people. When crossed, they can be pitilessly vengeful. The Capricorn/Dragon makes an interesting, lovable boss. He or she encourages subordinates to work rather than ordering them around. And as the Capricorn/Dragon often prides himself on his good manners, he or she will be courteous as well. As an employee this person is always biding time, waiting till he or she gets the big promotion. The Capricorn/Dragon is decidedly not interested in lowly jobs.

Suitable careers for this valuable person are: journalist, painter, astrologer, psychiatrist or psychologist, counselor, fundraiser, editor, clergyman, lobbyist, negotiator, public relations person, professor, caterer.
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