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Capricorn Rat Personality Traits



The Capricorn Rat Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Capricorn (December 22- January 20)
Year of the Rat: 1900 , 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

Both Capricorn and Rat want to achieve success. Rat wants power. Capricorn wants sway over others. Together the covetous Rat and the solitary mountain goat that is Capricorn will go far (many times to the detriment of anything from reputation to family or even health). The Capricorn born in Rat, like the Tiger only more so, is in constant, grievous danger.

The old song goes, “Everybody loves a lover.” And it’s partly true. Love is a contagious disease. Nobody, however, loves a power-monger. Power is not a jolly communicable feeling. Power signifies that someone else had to be squashed on the way up. Power implies greed and avidity. Rats born in Capricorn live to achieve power. They want to dominate their peers and want to be the best at whatever they are doing. They are insanely competitive.

There are no bad signs, remember? But Capricorn/Rat does have the potential for badness. He’s slippery and dignified at the same time. He gives the appearance of being solely on the up and up. He even attracts by means of a phony “limpid mountain stream” approach. His speeches are clear-cut and easy to follow. These people send out dependability rays. I'm sure they even believe that their self-seeking projects are for the good of all, for the best, for the sake of humanity.

This is a difficult sign to live in, even harder to live with. The success of this complex and grand human being depends entirely on how impregnable he or she was to childhood lessons in morality. If he has evolved beyond the “gimme” stage it’s usually because of firm and loving tutelage in youth.

Most Capricorn/Rats have, of course, developed well beyond the primitive grabby stages and hold positions of remarkable importance in their own realms. They are thorough and efficient. They are congenial and industrious. They are careful and conservative, yet generous and quietly loving. The talents of Rat/Capricorns lie in areas where tremendous application is necessary for mastery of the art. They balk at nothing, are afraid of no one, and often, despite perilous brushes with the pavement, know how to keep coming back smelling like expensive perfume.

Wells of new ideas, projects, and wily great plans hatch in the busy head of this character. Capricorn/Rats are never afraid of having an invention filched or a notion pilfered by someone less scrupulous than themselves (yes, such people exist). They have such a well-developed sense of personal eminence that they give away their genius schemes like kisses at a church bazaar. “Step right up and rip off one of my incredible feasibles,” says the Capricorn/Rat, “There’s more where that one came from.” Moreover, as Rat/Capricorns themselves have very sticky fingers, they understand. Having the idea is one thing. Carrying it through is quite another. But not to worry. One of the major strengths of Capricorns born in Rat years is their ability to take their ideas through to a solid conclusion. The Capricorn is a concrete person. Dreams are not enough for the Capricorn/Rat. He or she is gifted for applying abstract concepts to real life situations. The contrary is not true. Capricorn/Rats handle emotional or subjective events poorly. They are uptight about feelings and grapple all the time with rigidity and stiffness. It is precisely this static or unbending approach that will ultimately betray Rat/Capricorn. He needs flexible, conscientious counselors around him to keep him out of the hoosegow.


A sincere need for long-standing love matches characterizes this person’s romantic portrait. As emotion is not of primary importance to this person, the Capricorn/Rat is only tepidly attracted to moonlight and roses (unless he’s buying or selling one or the other of these commodities). What he wants in a mate is help, real bedrock devotion and true grit. The Capricorn/Rat knows full well that she cannot depend uniquely on her own energies to accomplish the millions of necessary details involved with home and family. They are lucid creatures, these Capricorn/Rats. They don’t attempt anything sentimental unless they are very sure they can handle it.

Should you care for one of these giant-of-industry types, I suggest you be somebody quite wonderful yourself. No Capricorn/Rat worth his salt will take up with a nudnick. The sign implies strength. You’ll best meet the needs and standards of this demanding person by being strong yourself. Capricorn/Rat loves first and foremost because he admires or looks up to his lover. If you don’t feel particularly equal to the Capricorn/Rat in your life, if he or she makes you feel small and insignificant, move on. Capricorn/Rat is capable of reducing the faint of heart to a smudge.

Home and Family

Capricorn/Rats never deprive themselves of comforts. These folks like to decorate their lives to suit their high opinions of themselves. The home environment will drip with conveniences. Also, Capricorn/Rats are strongly attached to tradition, so the furnishings are likely to be antique but not rustic or countrified. The Capricorn/Rat wants a certain sophistication to inform his decor. You can find hordes of Capricorn/Rats at chic furniture auctions and estate sales.

As the average Capricorn/Rat is not physically demonstrative, you may imagine he or she does not love children. This is, of course, nonsense. Capricorn/Rats adore their kids and want to protect and nurture them carefully. This person will hunger for companionship with his or her offspring. Long talks and activities done as a unit will attract this family-oriented Capricorn. He or she will be strict. No question about that.

But there is a deep devotion here that the loving child will instinctively feel. The Capricorn/Rat child requires early moral training in order to temper his overwhelming need to overwhelm. Let’s just say this kid is determined to reach the top and knows few bounds in this resolve. Discipline of the corporal sort will do no good. This child will react strongly to any attempt at physical restraint.

Capricorn/Rats have a decided talent for reasoning and logic. So it’s easy to know how to proceed. “I love you but sometimes I don’t love the things you do,” is a good start. Explain the difference between good and evil. Don’t be afraid to give this kid a sound ethical or religious upbringing. Emphasize the Golden Rule.


The victorious Capricorn/Rat is the happiest one. This person needs to arrive at goals, one after the other, gamboling lickety-split up the cliff toward the isolation of domination. Once in awhile this person should take a quick glance behind him. He or she is at all times and in all circumstances pursued by at least one dedicated enemy. Getting places in life means toppling a few colleagues and stepping on your share of toes. Capricorn/Rats are surrounded by brooding people who have never forgotten that day back in 1948, “when she got the manager’s office and I got the lowly switchboard job.” Ah me. engeance. Yes. People are gunning for Capricorn/Rats all over the lot. These subjects must be perspicacious. I’d advise them to be a little less ambitious, but I know it’s out of the question.

Capricorn/Rats are bosses. They will only take employee jobs that guarantee promotion within minutes after hiring. As authority figures they are able to run a tight ship. But their subordinates don’t ever really learn to adore them. These people are so naturally dominant that I give the following careers as possibles: university administrator, executive officer, writer, performer, politician, musician, entrepreneur, attorney, banker, newscaster.
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