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Capricorn Tiger Personality Traits


The Capricorn Tiger Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Capricorn (December 22- January 20)
Year of the Tiger: 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

This whirlwind of staccato remarks and brusque gestures is a living tower of amiable good will. Now you see him, now you don’t. And what you see is exactly what you get—congenial speed. The Capricorn born Tiger is easily bored. The concrete density of Capricorn’s ambitious nature meets here with the hasty and sympathetic Tiger’s bohemian nonsense. How this person even has so much as a second to stop and pet a puppy or kiss a baby is beyond me. The Capricorn/Tiger is jet-propelled. He has the metabolism of four hummingbirds and the true gift of sincere bonhomie. Like all Capricorns, our Tiger subject is a bit awkward. When smoothness or suppleness might be in order to stem the flow of some clumsy social goof, count on the Capricorn/Tiger to end up chewing on his big toe. This character never sees the social amenities as anything more than what he basically thinks of them—hogwash!

He’s always in too much of a rush to stoop and kiss Madame Whatsername’s beringed hand or hang about outside waiting for the butler to let him in. The Capricorn/Tiger is the person you are most likely to find standing dripping wet in the middle of your living room carpet, having just barged through your front door. “Hi!” he says cheerily. “How’s the weather treatin’ you?” As Capricorn/Tigers are disdainfully oblivious to the tide of society and carry on at their own hasty pace, they tend to live a parallel existence to the one we know. Their work may take them through insufferably protracted periods of inhuman effort. But they come up smiling. They like a challenge. They prefer results to applause. The Capricorn/Tiger is out for real, tangible proof of his own powers. What other people think is of practically no importance to him at all.

Capricorns born in Tiger years frequently have sinewy, strong bodies that carry them through their race with life in top physical shape. As fast as they run and as manic as they appear, these people are surprisingly comfortable in their own vibrant skins. They are delightful company and attractive to the opposite sex. Is there nothing wrong with this engaging roadrunner? Of course there is. This is astrology. Nobody gets off scot-free. Capricorn/Tigers’ energies are easily dispersed. They go in so many directions at once that they often get confused as to what the pertinent direction was in the first place. They also have expensive tastes and are wasteful with their wealth. They tend to lose track of material things. But in the overall scheme, these people are amazingly all right.

They are reasonable, and sufficiently successful to provide a good home for their family. They are naturally empathetic and truly like their fellow man. They have more confidence than the average Capricorn, who doubts himself and his own motives. For a Tiger, this character is rather sedate. He or she will be reliable and dependable (when not distracted) and will always do what he or she is asked in order to assist a fellow human being in need.


Behind the casual air of dishevelment that is native to Capricorn/Tigers lies a profound sensitivity to all living things. There is a noble savage quality to this character. He will probably love animals and tend to take in strays. Yet, as a life partner, she will carefully select a person who can represent her deepest notions of how folks should live. These people want to create a healthy environment for raising a family. The Capricorn/Tiger needs a nucleus from which he can dash off to act on this or that new idea or plan. He needs to be loved oodles, and, in return, he dispenses buckets of generosity and lots of opportunity for fun.

If you have one of these creatures for your very own, hang onto him! Don’t be a fool. Just because she’s gone off to Chile to hunt skunks for an interplanetary deodorizing project, don't despair. Your Capricorn/ Tiger will bounce back into the middle of your trundle bed with all her lights on in a matter of days. Your job as the mate of one of these delectable nutcases is to keep yourself busy while he’s gone, and most of all to learn to enjoy yourself without leaning on old Capricorn/Tiger. This person hates to be tied down, but loves to be married. It’s a shade paradoxical, but it’s very real to him or her. Don’t be a grouch. It will get you nowhere fast.

Home and Family

The Capricorn/Tiger will want to own things and hold property of all kinds, but he won’t be the sort to fiddle with looking after it. This native wants no part of do-ityourself jobs. Call in an expert. Get a specialist. But don’t ask your carefree Capricorn/Tiger to fix anything more than your broken heart. This person’s house will be unpretentious and comfy. Take off your shoes and put your feet up. This hostess wants her guests to relax. She’ll take care of the racing about, thank you.

In a family situation the Capricorn/Tiger will, of course, provide. His or her children represent stability and even reality to this jumpy sweetheart. Capricorn/Tigers will be snappy to their kids if made impatient, and can do a fine job of yelling at them at the climax of a crisis. But mostly Capricorn/Tigers don’t pay all that much attention, and let their kids run a bit wild. They can’t help it. They equate freedom with love in their own lives. Why should it be any different for their offspring?

The Capricorn/Tiger child will have all the earmarks of hyperactivity. He or she may be giddy and rambunctious and clown a lot. The best thing to do with this type of kid is to let him be giddy. But of course this isn’t always possible. We don’t all live in the vast countryside where we can dump Jason’s kinetic excesses into the garden till he pipes down. My advice is to occupy this child with as many different projects as he or she can accomplish. There will be much innate intelligence available, so if it is properly applied (guide with a tender but firm hand), Jason should become a fine specimen of hyperkinetic adult with a head on his shoulders.


This person is cut out for working at the kind of job that allows freedom of movement. He can adapt his mind-set to someone else’s rules, provided he sees the  wisdom of the rule. Tigers are not very obedient. Capricorn helps here. But still, a Tiger is a Tiger; liberty of action and lots of challenge will keep this person content. His talents are innumerable and, oddly enough, he likes competition. Whatever the obstacle, count on the Capricorn/Tiger to try to locate a fast and efficient solution.

Capricorns born Tiger feel that the most important thing is happening right now. They’ll worry about next time, next time. Of course, if you can pin them down long enough to install them behind a big mahogany desk, these people will make just and compassionate bosses. These bosses are the type who keeps the same secretary for a hundred and fifty years. Capricorn/Tigers also adapt well to employee positions. These folks don’t have any social axes to grind, and as long as they are satisfactorily productive, underling jobs
will do fine. Capricorn/Tigers are devoted and constant workers.

Careers that might apply here are: doctor, physical education teacher, veterinarian, cattle rancher, cowboy, forest ranger, book reviewer, translator, script writer, actor, actress.
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