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Capricorn Ox Personality Traits


The Capricorn Ox Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Capricorn (December 22- January 20)
Year of the Ox:1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

The Capricorn born Ox is a down-home conservative thinker. He’s persistent and poky, stubborn and resolute. The Capricorn/Ox entertains solely his own highly individualistic opinions on everything, takes little time to consider the “other guy,” and can even be accused of a certain spiritual brutality. Capricorn/Oxen are not violent types. But they can be crude—even cruel—in their methods.

Talk about strength of purpose! The Capricorn/Ox is a monster of determination and diligence. He never gives up on a project till he’s pushed it to its absolute limit. He’ll take all the hairs off the dog, if necessary, to find the one flea that’s biting him. He’s a mountain upon which I do not advise you to depend for casual skiing or sledding. This mountain will be choosy about whom it allows to hike up and down its craggy face. And as for seeking its shelter from the elements, you’d better come well recommended or else be family. Otherwise this persnickety, snobbish Capricorn may summon the north wind to whisk you to Siberia.

You see, this very vital yet bleak monolith is a veritable alp of a person. You never get to know all of his valleys or study the chasms he’ll have hidden away in his bag of tricks. Some days you’ll think he’s the jolliest, sunniest, most pleasant person you have ever met. The next—gloom and doom. And neurosis. “I can’t and I won’t and I didn’t and I wouldn’t . . ..” Oh Zeus! As solid and concrete and tangible as the Capricorn/Ox seems to be, he is really quite fragile. There is a poet living in every cavern of his mind and a sensitive artist perched in his soul. Yet, on the inscrutable surface you may at times wonder whether this person’s heart is still beating.

The average Capricorn/Ox is bright. I’d even venture that most Capricorn/Oxen who have the opportunity to further their education do so. There are scads of intellectuals among these penetratingly ambitious souls. The Capricorn/Ox is nimble with words, will be drawn to the classics and is knowledgeable about things traditional. Here is a person who can turn a run-down railway depot in darkest Slovenia into an internationally photographed showplace for Architectural Digest’s most demanding readers. Everything will be restored with scale-model perfection to its original ethnicity. Capricorn/Oxen are perfectionists for themselves as well as for the rest of us humble creatures.

Food is the realm that impassions the gourmand Capricorn born Ox. We are not, however, dealing with your run-of-the-mill glutton. The Capricorn/Ox couches his ungainly eating habits in the most elegant aura. Every bite of what goes onto the Capricorn/Ox’s table must meet exigent standards of excellence. This person does not want to eat junk food. He or she longs, rather, to be immersed knee-deep in foie gras.
The Capricorn/Ox’s taste buds are as stubbornly standoffish as the rest of his substantial makeup.

It’s difficult to sway this person from any preconceived notions he might cherish. The Capricorn/Ox is the undisputed ruler of the kingdom of idées fixes. What he or she learned at Granny’s knee is etched in the stone mind of your Capricorn/Ox, never to stray further than the brain cell cluster where it lives happily ever after. “You take the Fifth Avenue bus uptown. Then you hop a crosstown at Fifty-ninth,” he insists. “But there is no Fifth Avenue uptown. Fifth Avenue is one way downtown,” you may protest. My advice? Take the Sixth Avenue bus uptown and don’t mention it again. Capricorn/Oxen are much more pleasant when they think they’re right.


Steadfast and remarkably sex-oriented, the Capricorn/Ox enjoys a lusty and action packed love life. Marriage is a must. The Capricorn/Ox’s sense of family is much too strong to abandon the idea of an enduring kith and kin relationship. Outside of marriage, the Capricorn/Ox may have other fish to fry. Don’t worry, though. The earnest and solid-citizen Capricorn/Ox won’t leave home for one of these little minnows. In fact, if Capricorn/Ox notices a minnow trying to become a shark, he scampers off home where he feels he belongs. Divorce could shatter this delicate hunk of density.

Divorce, for the Capricorn/Ox, means failure. Capricorns of all persuasions hate failure and take it personally. So if you’re looking for a steady lover who’ll bring home the bacon for life, get yourself a sober, forthright Capricorn/Ox. Pardon them their occasional peccadilloes and give them lots of reasons to respect you. Capricorn/Ox also responds well to heavy doses of his own medicine. Don’t be afraid to live a little.

Home and Family

The word is swanky. Inside and out, the Capricorn/Ox’s place will reek of swank. He always boasts a good address and he’s invariably proud to announce just how old the building where he lives is. At no extra cost he will furnish the name of the historically famous architect who designed it. If he has a country house (what am I saying? Of course he has a farm!), it will be authenticity itself. A restored stone mill that still works, grinding the wheat he grows, to make it into flour, which he uses to bake that spectacularly tasty bread you’re eating. Or maybe it’s an old church with handcrafted Gothic stained-glass windows brought direct from Chartres by antique sailing vessels. These characters like the real thing, and will accept no substitutes.

The Capricorn born in Ox years is a proud parent. He or she will parade baby Julia and little Alexander in the specially imported pram from London in the finest park right up there with the best of them. As far as Capricorn/Ox is concerned, his or her child can do no wrong. Fact is, in the interest of saving his skin, this person’s child is likely not to commit a heck of a lot of naughty crimes in his life so long as Dad or Mom is there watching. Capricorn/Ox is a driving taskmaster who gives in both time and effort as much as he asks for in return.

Our Capricorn/Ox child will first of all be serious. Then, as he gets a bit older and goes to school, he will become more serious. The little scholar. The valedictorian. The goody-goody. Then, as adolescence approaches and the vision of love halos her horizon, the Capricorn/Ox child will begin to adapt herself to some new demands. Her sexual charm and satirical humor are the fruits of early adulthood when she learns how to be appealing. This kid doesn’t need much more than a roof over his head and plenty of good things to eat. His path is already traced from birth. He’ll grow up to be a Capricorn/Ox. Inflexible but funny.


Fame is not in the cards for this goal-oriented grind. It happens that a Capricorn/Ox reaches celebrity, but it is not one of his or her real objectives, and since Capricorn/Ox lives for his objectives, well, celebrity doesn’t often occur. This person will, however, reach a respectable position in his or her job life. People will certainly look up to him and wish to be like him. In this way, by sterling example, the Capricorn/Ox obtains sufficient recognition to satisfy whatever small need he or she has for attention from peers. The main worry of every Capricorn/Ox is a fear of not living up to his or her own very high standards of excellence in the career of his/her choice. The Capricorn/Ox wants to feel he has used every ounce of talent and brains he was born with before he dies. He rides himself hard and long in order to achieve this very worthy end.

The Capricorn/Ox works best alone. He’s such an individual that working with groups sometimes rubs him the wrong way. It can be hard on the group, too. Capricorn/Oxen always know best and stick relentlessly to their ideals and choices and habits. They will make intransigent bosses and huffy employees, unless, of course, they are given carte blanche to advance at their speed (slow) and use their methods (deliberate).

As for careers, I think the ones most applicable here are: teacher, farmer, theologian, food critic, fashion journalist, picture framer, architect, art director, consultant.
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