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Capricorn Compatibility with Fellow Earth Signs

1. Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility

A Capricorn  and Capricorn  relationship can be successful, or they can be the deadliest enemies according to how they manage their relationship. They are both conservative, and they are very cautious about their steps and approaches to life. If they have a common goal, they will be great partners, succeed until the end. Succeeding isn't a problem for them because of their determined and hard-working nature. However, when one of them gets selfish, their relationship can become a total mess. 

They can be the worst enemies if a serious misunderstanding occurs between them. If one of them succeeds while the other is left behind, there will surely be a clash between them.

Even if they have similar personality traits, it doesn't mean that they will be very compatible with each other. Their romantic relationship will lack sparks and affection unless they make an effort, communicate their true feelings, then compromise.

2. Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility 

The Capricorn  and Taurus  couple have a mutual understanding of their personalities. They both value material comforts and financial freedom, and that makes them a good match. They both want to live comfortably, and so their love for money is powerful. With this, they are both working hard signs to earn money and recognition. They want to buy a beautiful house, a luxurious car, and anything that money can buy because this is how they will feel secure and safe.

They also have personal complementing character traits that keep their relationship healthy. Capricorn is a hard-working sign,  and they are willing to work for the good of their relationship. Taurus, on the other hand, is very patient and understands how workaholic Capricorns can be. If they are given a specific responsibility, they both work hard together to accomplish their goals.

They are both also very passionate -in sex and romance. They express their love for each other with passion. Their relationship is alive and colorful, not just because of sex but also because of how they take care of each other. It can even lead to a happy and lifetime marriage.

3. Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn  and Virgo  star signs are also compatible with each other. They both love to stay at home rather than spending their free time outside. This is why they make sure their home is very comfortable and beautiful. They decorate it in such a way that all of their visitors will surely appreciate it. They don't like social gatherings very much, and they prefer a small gathering with close friends and family members. 

Both of them are clever individuals, and they really have a good intellectual connection. This couple can also succeed in business, apart from being a romantic couple. Virgo has a neat and organized mind that comes along well with Capricorn’s hardworking and disciplined personality. 

They both take their responsibilities seriously, and whatever task they started, they will surely finish it to the end. They can succeed as business partners because Capricorns are very ambitious and desire to reach the top, while Virgos are the perfect partner to support and help them.

There may be some conflicts and misunderstandings within their relationship. It may lack spark, warmth, and emotion because they're too obsessed with their work and responsibilities. But because they really know and understand each other, they can resolve their conflicts and misunderstanding easily.

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4. Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn  and Cancer  are opposite signs. Thus, they can be good partners or worst enemies. If they communicate with each other, their relationship will fully succeed. Thus, they must learn how to express their feelings for each other well. In their relationship, Cancers get hurt a lot because they need emotional affection from Capricorns. Capricorns, on the other hand, lack warmth, loving care, and emotional attachment. They are both competitive, so like other couples, they can achieve success easily.

There will be problems within their relationship if the sensitive Cancer doesn't learn how to protect their feelings well. They must understand that Capricorns lack affection. They must talk about their feelings together, and they must understand each other’s weaknesses and opposite qualities. Both of them want each other’s love, so it is not difficult for their relationship to grow as long as they know how to communicate well with each other.

5. Pisces and Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn  and Pisces  zodiac signs have complementing character traits that make them compatible with each other. Capricorn has the ability to calm the windy and the drifty mind of Pisces, while Pisces loves to appreciate the Capricorn characteristics. And, Capricorn really loves to be praised and appreciated.

Their relationship can last as long as they continuously appreciate and show their affection towards each other. If Capricorn doesn't hear any compliments and praises from Pisces, they might get tired and leave. It's important for them to constantly show affection for each other to make their relationship succeed.

6. Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn  and Scorpio's  relationships are truly sexual. Scorpio is the sign of sex. That's why the Capricorn’s passionate personality matches with them. Although they are aware that their relationship won't be smooth, this couple can make a good team. They are dedicated, hard-working, and determined signs.

When it comes to business, they will surely be successful partners. Scorpio has several inventive ideas that apply to business, and they can apply them together. Their love for each other can make their relationship last for a lifetime as long as they work together.

Both of them have strong wills, but Scorpios may dominate or rule their relationship. This can create clashes within their relationship. They could even become enemies if they don't know how to control their anger. Their conflicts are difficult to solve because of their personality.

To make their relationship successful, Capricorns must understand that Scorpios are dominating because of their love.

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7. Aquarius and Capricorn Compatibility

There is a little chance that the relationship between a Capricorn  and an Aquarius  will succeed because of their nature. Their relationship will be exposed to sudden changes in attitudes and moods, and this may cause serious disagreements between them because they don't know how to understand each other. 

Capricorn wants to dominate or control their partner, but Aquarius doesn't want to be controlled because they value their personal freedom very much. Aquarius is a free-will individual, and he or she can't be in love with a Capricorn forever. 

Aquarius love to change from one job to another, but Capricorns want a stable life with lots of money for security. Eventually, Capricorn and Aquarius realize that their romantic relationship is better if it turns into a good friendship relationship. They don't feel a satisfactory connection as romantic couples, but they find that connection in friendship. Aquarius needs a friend that will understand their “come and go” personality, and Capricorns, as a friend, can understand that, but not as a romantic partner.

8. Gemini and Capricorn Compatibility

The greatest hindrance between a Capricorn  and a Gemini  couple is communication. They don't know how to communicate well, which could lead to their relationship's failure. But, they can still be a couple as long as they know how to express their feelings for each other.

However, they still have several opposite character traits that make them incompatible with each other. Capricorns are steady people and don't like constant changes, while Geminis are very fond of changes.

Also, Geminis are flirty, and Capricorns will have a hard time controlling the sign of the twin's personality. They're patient, but they might get tired of the flirty attitude of Gemini. Since Capricorn is a hard-working individual, they may not pay enough attention to Geminis, giving them a chance to go out for fun.

Because there's not good communication between each other and because Capricorn is very hard-working, they don't have the chance to know each other’s activity. Thus, they can cheat on each other. This could result in the ending of their relationship.

9. Libra and Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorns  and Libras  are attracted to each other’s personalities, but they can't survive a long-term relationship unless they have a common goal. Capricorns are sexually attracted to Libra, while Libras are only attracted to the Capricorn’s desire and love for money. However, Capricorns really hate the lazy personality of Libra; they don't want to work hard, and they always give up on everything they start doing. This contrasts: the hard-working and determined personality of  Capricorn clashes with Libras' laziness.

Libra wants everybody’s attention, and this can give Capricorn a difficult time because they aren't very social people. Capricorns are only comfortable with the presence of their close friends and family members. Another thing that makes them incompatible is the Libra's need for affection and love. Capricorns aren't demonstrative people, and they may not be able to show their love and affection to Libras.

Their relationship can work if Capricorn learns how to express their love and affection. They tend to understand each other’s ambitions because they are both cardinal individuals. As long as they can communicate well, they can succeed and support each other through thick and thin. But, there's a little chance that they will succeed in a romantic relationship.

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10. Aries and Capricorn Compatibility

There is no hope that a Capricorn  and Aries relationship will succeed. Aries is a restless individual, while Capricorn is the opposite. Both of them are dominant, and they will be competing forever to dominate and control each other. There will be serious arguments and fights as well when it comes to money. Aries are very extravagant and want to spend everything in one go, while Capricorns are very thrifty and spend money wisely for security. While Aries loves to take the risk in every decision they make, Capricorn will never risk it.

There will be serious fights because of their opposite attitudes and qualities.There will also be a clash of principles between these two individuals.  Capricorn is the type that does everything according to the law and the right principle, while Aries doesn't really mind about laws and regulations. Any method will work for Aries as long as they succeed.

If they are in a relationship, Capricorns' role will be a financial manager who is always taking a hawk-eye on the extravagant personality of Aries. One good thing about them is they are very compatible in bed because they are both sexually passionate. But when it comes to a real romantic relationship, there is no hope for them to succeed.

11. Leo and Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn  and Leo  may survive a short-term relationship, but they may not survive a long-term one because they cannot stand each other’s personalities. Leos tend to feel that the goat is controlling them. Capricorns, on the other hand, will be disgusted or irritated by the extravagant nature of Leos. 

Leos want to live a care-free and full life, while Capricorn is very cautious and careful about their life. They can't live together for a long time with the different life they want. They are like summer and winter, and their relationship can lead to ups and downs that will eventually tire them and make them decide to split up.

Capricorns aren't good partners for Leos because they don't have imaginative minds. Even in bed, they're not on the same level. Capricorns are more passionate than Leos. They are almost opposite in everything, and they will never succeed in romantic or married life. But, there's a chance of them being good friends.

12. Sagittarius and Capricorn Compatibility 

The relationship between a Capricorn  and a Sagittarius  won't be fun. They are bounded to face different challenges and difficulties, and it is difficult for them to solve their problems. The dominant Capricorn can't control the independent and freedom-lover Sagittarius, and Capricorn will never understand the impossible dreams of a Sagittarius. They always seem to be searching for something, which bothers Capricorn; they are very cautious and responsible individuals while Sagittarius are very reckless, irresponsible, and careless people. This could lead them to fight and arguments.

Their relationship is solely founded on sex. Oftentimes, there's no love involved in a Capricorn and a Sagittarius relationship. If only they could use each other’s opposite qualities as a bridge for a stronger relationship, they could be among the strongest couples. They can succeed in whatever dream or goal they have as long as they work together. However, if they're only going out together because of sex, this will cause them trouble because this relationship won't last. They will eventually find their true love, and they will finally decide to take their own path.



The Most Compatible Zodiac Sign for Capricorn

The Libra-Capricorn is the best couple out of the other eleven zodiac signs. They have many similar qualities, and they complement each other well. They understand each other’s personalities and respect their weaknesses. Their relationship isn't full of stars and rainbows because they are also bound to face storms, but they can overcome them easily because they know how to work together. They always support and help each other, leading them to success in love, money, and career.

They know that they have opposite personal characteristics, but they use these to nurture their relationship. Thus, they can even lead to a successful business and marriage life. Other zodiac signs that are compatible with Capricorn Capricorn is also compatible with other astrological signs like Virgo, Scorpio, and  Pisces. The relationship between these signs isn't always smooth because they will also face difficulties and challenges, but they can solve them. They have opposite character traits from Capricorn men or Capricorn women, leading them to serious arguments and fights sometimes. 

Still, they will eventually realize that they should love and understand each other instead of fighting. There's also what we call the variable matches for Capricorns. They are Capricorn  and Cancer. They can either be a perfect couple, or the worst of enemies, depending on how they handle each other’s temperaments and weaknesses.

If they try to work out and understand each other, their relationship can succeed. However, if they are stubborn, they will be enemies.

The Least Compatible Zodiac Sign for Capricorn

The worst compatible zodiac sign for Capricorn is Aries. They aren't opposite signs, but they can't stand each other. Each of them is dominant, and they will try to control and dominate each other for the rest of their lives until they will get tired and eventually decide to part ways and live their own life.

Other zodiac signs that are incompatible with Capricorn Capricorn  has weak compatibility with Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius. There's a chance for them to have a successful romantic relationship, but they will need to accept each other’s personalities. They also need some kind of understanding to be able to survive a relationship. Depending on how much they love each other, they can fail or succeed.

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The Capricorn Pig Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Capricorn (December 22- January 20)
Year of the Pig: 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019
This mix creates a being of infinite talent and aspirations to match. The sky is the limit. Capricorn/Pigs never see themselves as less than monstrously famous and hugely wealthy. These are grandeur specialists, whose personal goals of cosmic proportions don’t stand in the way of their equally epic egos. There is, in the Capricorn/Pig makeup, a certain refreshing purity of desire. No Capricorn/Pig ever underestimates him- or herself. Some claim that such a clearheaded attitude toward blatant self-seeking ambition is healthy. I guess maybe it is—for the Capricorn/Pig, anyway.

As we already know, Pigs tend to credulity and lawfulness. They almost always do things the “right” way. They work long and hard. They study. They do their homework. They take care of their families and properties. They are responsible citizens. They usually even vote. Capricorns, too, are solid citizens. They also like to abide by rules and regulations. They work hard and they study well. Capricorns also vote.

So, the Capricorn born Pig is pure of heart and as determined as a bulldozer in a demolition derby. Capricorn/Pigs take the prize for great know-how and an unparalleled willingness to share their abilities with the world. They are compassionate and hardly ever say no to a cry for help. They are generous, yet careful not to waste. They are extraordinarily cultivated and forever seek to increase their knowledge, as they are wildly curious.

As the Capricorn/Pig is self-sacrificing and rarely strays from the path of righteousness, it is perplexing to her that others can be less scrupulous than she and still stay out of prison. No scofflaw, this character. In fact, Capricorn/Pigs are shocked by shady dealings and untruths. They hardly know what to make of improbity and are even a little bit fascinated by it. You watch and see if a Capricorn/Pig doesn’t one day whisper confidentially to you that he knows of a place you can get a “real deal on a color TV ,” implying that this TV may be stolen. Ask him if he has one of those hot TVs at his place. “Oh no!” he’ll burst out, fearing you might think him capable of such knavery. Capricorn/Pigs never descend to perfidy.

Hardheaded and traditional, the Capricorn/Pig is a bit of a prude. He or she will be sensitive and drawn to artistic endeavor. Manners are important to the Capricorn/Pig, and exemplary behavior in public goes right along with them. This subject boasts a gigantic ego. Nothing daunts him. He is confident and clearheaded. He wants to go far and he does. Modesty does not roil the limpid waters of this person’s soul.


The Capricorn/Pig invests him- or herself totally in romantic affairs. Yes, he or she is pure of spirit and by nature a giving person. But such dedication and fervent commitment to the emotional side of life can burden the object of this person’s vast affections. The Capricorn/Pig is a faithful and passionate lover. But he or she is also a smothering one. These people want to own those they love and are terrified of losing them. Jealousy and rage, scenes and scandals, are not beneath their dignity.

This possessiveness makes it very much of a responsibility to be loved by or to love such a character. They are tempting and wonderful to hang out with. But Capricorn/Pigs want to protect their loves from all outside influence. They may be jealous of your friends and of your extracurricular activities. They may have tantrums and embarrass you in public. The only defense against this tidal wave of love is to let it wash over you and wait till you bob to the surface. If you ever try to break up with one of these people—good luck!

Home and Family

The surroundings of Capricorn/Pigs will be less opulent than those of other, more comfort-conscious Pig subjects. The Capricorn likes a pleasant home but can live without three satin cushions under his derrière at all times. So the interior of a Capricorn/Pig house will be cozy but have a tinge of austerity to its style. Hard-edged paintings (of great value, of course) and sculptures, geometric fabric designs and plenty of grays and primary reds and blues. Green is a color the Capricorn/Pig likes, too. There will be thriving houseplants everywhere.

The Capricorn/Pig is a little on the busy side to end up having a large family to raise. More likely, this person will prefer not to marry at all. In deference to his mission or career, the Capricorn/Pig may forego the pleasures of parenthood. If, however, he or she does have a child, it will of course be raised with great care and enormous, passionate, suffocating love. If you are a Capricorn/Pig parent and you have a tendency to be a little rigorous and overly protective of your bairns, buy a dog and give the kids a break.

Capricorn/Pig children will be driven by their desire to arrive at excellence in a field they will probably choose very young. They are certainly talented for learning and for all things cultural. You can take this child to museums and galleries and theatrical productions and operas until your feet wear off. Capricorn/Pig children are baby culture vultures. They are clingingly sweet as well. Watch their candy intake.


The subject we are discussing here is an interpretive genius. His or her talents rarely lie in creative areas. The strength of Capricorns born in Pig years is their ability to emote for public consumption. They accumulate enormous stores of artistic knowhow through reading and learning and watching others. Then they show their vision to the world. They don’t have much inventive or abstract gift. But they are brilliant at reflecting the world’s own image to itself.

I expect this person would make a very demanding yet respectable boss. It wouldn’t do to betray him in business. Capricorn/Pigs become hysterical over betrayal. They beat their breasts and keen. As an employee this person will be dutiful because all Capricorn/Pigs are that way. But he won’t want to be an underling and he won’t hesitate to try to wrench the boss’s job away—not forcibly, fairly and squarely. But wrench he will, nonetheless. Scrupulously.

Some jobs that might suit this subject’s talents are: actor, musician, dancer, singer, doctor, linguist, clergyman (bishop), gallery owner.

The Capricorn Dog Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Capricorn (December 22- January 20)
Year of the Dog: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

This is a flinty cobblestone of a person. A mixture of the cozy concrete and the cynical concrete, whose main aim in life is independence and peace-keeping. The Capricorn/Dog is relatively fearful of the abstract, the vague, the metaphysical, and spends a great portion of his life ensuring that what belongs to him stays where it belongs. To clarify, these people are cautious, conservative and conscious of society’s demands. They are far from snobs. Instead, they watch and worry while the rest of us debauch and destroy ourselves. The Capricorn/Dog loves order and wishes to preserve it.

Now, this strong-minded and revolutionary character is not above a good fight. If he or she believes firmly enough in an ideal, or must come to the fore to protect a family member or friend, his engagement in the fray knows no limits. The Capricorn/Dog seeks justice in a stony and scratchy manner. He is rarely guilty of extraneous diplomacy and cannot be accused of having excessive reserve, either. For a Capricorn, this person is quite outrageous. He’s given to barking—even baying—at the moon.

He’s spindly and agile. He’ll frequently be found performing some unusual act of ourage or daring uncharacteristic of both Capricorns and Dogs. So the force created by the mating of Dog with Capricorn gives us a conservative yet silver-tongued and magnetic human being. This person will disguise herself readily behind masks and throw up smokescreens so that we cannot tell who she really is.

Capricorn/Dogs are unique and mysterious. They are self-seeking but manage to hide this under a semblance of congeniality and even wit. Theirs is a biting humor. Sarcasm abounds. This Dog tears phoniness and facsimile to shreds. He wants the real thing out of life and—oddly for a shrinking Dog character—knows how to go after it. Normally these people have a gourmet streak. They enjoy fine cuisine and don't hesitate to indulge in it. Sometimes they make excellent cooks as well. They have a talent for respecting detailed directions in recipes and are born with regard for the way things ought to be. In later life, the Capricorn/Dog may develop a weight problem.

This native is capable of doing without. He is attracted by money and even by the luxuries it may buy. But comfort is secondary in the life of Capricorn/Dogs. They can exist as comfortably in a messy house trailer as in a palace. Something about their shiny veneer allows for a strain of carelessness in regard to luxury. They may drive an expensive car or ride around in an old pickup truck. It’s pretty much all the same to them.
These folks do, however, have a fancy side. Glitter and sparkle attract them. They are curious about the spangled life of show biz and fascinated by panache. Usually they do not go so far as to speckle their eyelids with sequins, but it’s been done.


The love lives of these metallic paper cutout people are very stormy and complex. Often the Capricorn/Dog will remain celibate for most of a lifetime. Not that he or she doesn’t enjoy sex, it’s just that it's so ... well, sex is so messy! The Capricorn/Dog has an almost compulsive cleanliness. He is not really attracted to complexity in emotion.

The stormy part comes from the fact that he occasionally tries to fit in romantically, gets married, or settles down to live with a companion. It just about never works. Capricorn/Dogs live for their independence. If they are tied up, they bark incessantly till somebody comes and frees them. Then they hide.

If you are in love with a Capricorn/Dog, you will surely find him or her interesting and never be bored. The Capricorn/Dog boasts a rich culture and cares enormously about refinement of the spirit. Your sex life might be a bit odd, as this character is a mite kinky. But surely you will never go without something to ponder. I advise you to feed this Rock of Ages person well, and don’t let him or her wear his mask at the table.

Home and Family

The family takes first place in this person’s heart. He or she may not be adept at creating a nest, but where the Capricorn/Dog lives is part and parcel of his personality. There will certainly be walls full of books. This subject reveres knowledge and loves to learn as much as to teach. The kitchen will be in good working order and he or she will want to own the right pots and pans for cooking matchless sauces and soups. As for living space, it probably won’t be very luxurious.

This creature is more cerebral than sensuous. His idea of comfort derives from whatever he can plunk down and sprawl on for the purpose of reading. The Capricorn/Dog parent cares for his children as a German shepherd dog cares for sheep. He moves them efficiently from place to place and keeps them rigorously safe from harm. He’s not the clownish or jolly type of parent who takes Kitty and little Matthew on the loop-the-loop. Rather, the Capricorn/Dog will spend a whole day building a sandcastle complete with moats and damsels in distress just to awaken his child’s love of history.

A little Capricorn/Dog will not be quite so austere as his grownup counterpart, but almost. You may sometimes wonder what makes this kid tick. He’s acerbic if scolded. He’s quiet and ever so nervous. Never you mind, he’s cooking up a future for himself wherein he will be independent of society, wear a disguise when he goes out in public, and ride around in a broken-down Ford for life.


The career of this weirdo (and Capricorn/Dogs are weird!) will usually take an intellectual turn. By the time he or she reaches college age, the Capricorn/Dog person has come to terms with the lack of desire for nose-to-nose contact and day-to-day routine in an office hierarchy. Hence the Capricorn/Dog may see himself in an academic career, writing and teaching in relative peace and quiet. Or he may find that even the university atmosphere weighs on his freedom-from-constraint center. In this case, the Capricorn/Dog may simply strike out on his own, become an artist or a Bohemian, a beach bum intellectual or a famous athlete.

I don’t know what kind of boss this person would be, but I suspect sarcastic and caustic. In any case, it isn’t likely to happen because the Capricorn/Dog hates authority in all forms. His political ideas border on anarchy. He can take orders so long as he doesn’t have to be pleasant to coworkers or answer the telephone gaily and cheerily.

Jobs that may possibly work for this subject are: playwright, monk, nun, missionary, adventurer, hermit, carpenter, mason, teacher, professional student, coupon clipper, sailor.

The Capricorn Rooster Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Capricorn (December 22- January 20)
Year of the Rooster: 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

Dignified and impeccable, the Capricorn born Rooster cuts a dashing figure. He will be well turned out, strong of opinion and honest to a fault. Capricorn’s reserve matches the conservative side of the Rooster nature harmoniously. There is little conflict and lots of restraint. The Capricorn/Rooster possesses integrity and autonomy. He functions well alone if he has to. But he prefers to be surrounded. Count on the Capricorn/Rooster to do the “done” thing. This person’s charm is increased by his excellent manners, his careful use of words, and his ability to find the best in each situation. Capricorn/Roosters worry about how others see them and make heroic efforts to please those who judge their behavior. These people care greatly for appearances but are never guilty of pretension.

The Capricorn/Rooster is a born traveler. His alert mind and keen curiosity are forever sending him off somewhere to try new experiences. He’s jaunty and openly interested in meeting new people, hearing about different customs and learning about other cultures. As he or she is supremely presentable, the Capricorn/Rooster will be a frequent guest. People invite her to dine in the best restaurants and urge her to join them in Mediterranean spas and Caribbean watering places for a bit of fun-sharing. Her enthusiasm for novelty guarantees her host or hostess a willing and cheerful participant in all activities—especially meals!

The Capricorn/Rooster character is somewhat inflexible. It is nigh unto impossible to convince this apparent master of the concrete that he or she may have embarked on a suicide path. Capricorns born in Rooster years not only think they know best, they flatly refuse to take advice. Their lives will move ahead at a jagged pace, which suits their rather clumsy emotional structure. It’s no use trying to hurry them along or cheer them when they are down. “Time,” says the philosophical Capricorn/Rooster, “heals all wounds.”

Roosters born in Capricorn often complain of boredom. Routine is their enemy. So are formalities and red tape. Nothing infuriates a Capricorn/Rooster more than labyrinthine bureaucracy. He or she will simply not tolerate the filling out of intricate forms, the standings-in-line, the numerous hurry-up-and-waits that go along with securing anything official, from a marriage license to a theater ticket. In short, these busy folks love to go places but they don’t always adore the means one must employ to get there.

Of the Capricorn/Rooster’s many attractions perhaps the most outstanding is versatility. This character is accomplished at a wide variety of different pursuits. It is not unusual to meet Roosters born in Capricorn whose avid interest in medieval religious art overlaps their passion for raising the perfect Cabernet grape, their talent for baking bread, and their flair for occasional freelance brain surgery as well. These are skillful, accomplished people.


The art of loving, however, is one that doesn’t come easily to the Capricorn/Rooster. There is a separateness about these souls that incites them to maintain a certain distance from emotion. They are not wild about public display of affection, and although they feel deeply, they are hesitant about showing it.

Should you be in love with a Capricorn/Rooster, I suggest you learn first to deal with the bevy of close friends this gregarious person will have on permanent tap. There is no reason for jealousy in their regard. Your Capricorn/Rooster really loves you best. But through the smokescreen of his or her delight in being surrounded, you may have some trouble discerning that special tenderness. Keep busy and don’t demand too much attention. Better still, learn how to prune grape vines.

Home and Family

Your average Capricorn/Rooster is not very manual or artsy-craftsy. She will definitely not be the type to run up the curtains and make her own guest towels. He will probably steer clear of hammer, screwdriver and wrench. The Capricorn/Rooster likes comfort but cannot create it alone. He or she will be materialistic enough to want solid and traditional furnishings, but the interior decorating instinct is not one of this person’s main talents.

The Capricorn/Rooster is often a shade too otherwise-occupied to settle down and have a family. If he does have kids, he will not be too patient with childish pranks and will want his children to act as closely as possible like his adult friends. Capricorn/Rooster is an exacting fellow and doesn’t let his sentiments get ahead of his intellect.

This child will probably astound you with his many talents and his bright enthusiasms. Capricorn/Rooster kids are bright and sometimes cranky to boot. They need much patient affection and training, as they will go alone into the world to seek their fortunes.


The Capricorn/Rooster, like all Roosters, has his professional highs and lows. The variety of jobs he or she can do ensures that this person will be oft tempted to change careers in midstream. Naturally, if you know how to pilot a space ship and write symphonies, it follows that you might become confused as to your direction from time to time. Capricorn/Rooster is able to apply himself to difficult studies and achieve status and prestige in a chosen field. He or she will have difficulty asserting preferences and will balk at demanding favors or promotions. Capricorn/Rooster is self-destructively modest. He or she is not proficient at sports or jobs where physical prowess is required.

If authority is conferred on this person, he or she will carry out the role of boss scrupulously and in all fairness. She may be guilty of impatience with silly mistakes and especially with laziness on the part of subordinates. The Capricorn/Rooster drives himself very hard and cannot abide indolence in others. His innate desire to shine makes this person an asset to any employer. The Capricorn born in a Rooster year will give eons of good service—if he is not bullied. Bullying makes him quit on the spot. He hates people to take unfair advantage of power.

There are myriad career possibilities for this many-faceted subject. He or she might choose from optometrist, physicist, opera singer, ornithologist, auditor, tree surgeon, novelist, composer, talk show host, journalist, editor, set designer, geneticist. I could go on.

The Capricorn Monkey Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Capricorn (December 22- January 20)
Year of the Monkey: 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

A certain indefinable air of resigned melancholy pervades the portrait of Capricorn born in Monkey. Although I cannot say why, the combination of Capricorn-the austere and Monkey-the-problem-solver creates in its natives a queer brand of personal anguish. These people are not obviously nervous. Indeed, their smart demeanor and distinguished bearing bespeak an attitude of self-assurance.

Capricorn/Monkeys send out dignity vibes. They are what my mother used to call debonair. Nevertheless, underneath the smooth, mannerly veneer lives a tortured soul. Perhaps the Monkey’s self-assuredness and basic temperance clash with Capricornian stiffness. Maybe, instead of Capricorn benefiting gaily from Monkey’s silly side and incorporating a bit of that simian loquacity, the Capricorn element is intimidated by
its Monkey side. Sometimes I think that Capricorn/Monkeys must feel like one of those good-looking, beribboned, shiny cardboard boxes from fancy shops, inside of which sits a naughty, tricky and giggling live baboon. The package, in other words, doesn’t at all reflect its contents.

Capricorn/Monkeys like to appear serious. In fact, unless you know them intimately and become privy to their secret life, you will probably only know the grave side of this person’s nature. Superficially they are the most presentable people in captivity. Inside the home, they can be absolute rotters. I do not wish to suggest dual natures. But the Monkey born in Capricorn suffers from a form of public shyness rare among men. If you meet him or her in a bar where the atmosphere is jolly and tongues are loosened by exotic elixirs, you will probably not notice this clammed-up side. You will see a jolly, story-telling performer with a sly twinkle in his eye and a memory for narrative that astounds as well as amuses. He will be bright and dapper, sharp-witted, slightly bitchy and really very witty.

The Capricorn/Monkey’s timing is perfect. Yet you take this character home and put her or him into a living room situation and the picture goes all fuzzy. Somehow Capricorn/Monkeys imagine they must create the order and handle the planning and running of whatever it is that constitutes private life. They take this responsibility terribly seriously. “Where are the groceries? Why isn’t dinner ready? Why didn’t Maria clean the library? What happened to your socks? Have you lost your mind? You can’t spend your whole week’s allowance on comic books!” It’s obvious that their jaunty Monkey side doesn’t cotton to this burdensome Capricorn severity.

Nonetheless, there it is. Capricorn/Monkey is a hell of a cop. Essentially, the Capricorn/Monkey is theatrical. He has an agile and exacting mind. He has a superlative talent for expression. He enjoys sinewy, lanky good looks with a bone structure that would make Greta Garbo weep with envy. Capricorn/Monkeys see human situations in a special light all their own. They understand and are compassionate with all variety of personal joy and suffering. They know how to translate these emotions for others’ appreciation. Capricorn/Monkeys are interpreters. They are not simple, nor are they easy, laid back or bohemian. Façade is important to them. Social graces and custom will continue to die hard so long as they keep making Capricorn/Monkeys.


Quality takes precedence over quantity in the rather abstemious romantic life of Capricorn/Monkeys. This subject would always prefer to be deeply in love forever than passionately in love for a split second. Moreover, the Capricorn/Monkey’s standards of excellence are high. He won’t be happy with somebody who looks as if the cat dragged him in when he gets out of bed. Capricorn/Monkey will make no bones about sporting velvet dressing gowns and matching slippers. He or she will enjoy the trappings of a life with someone else, share intimacies of a secret and (for the Capricorn/Monkey) terrifying nature only with the loved one, and dream of the old adage: “Live hidden, live happy.”

Should you be caught in the charm vortex of this spruce and dashing personage, I suggest you toy with the idea of being at least as meticulous as a Virgo. You will need all the resourcefulness you can gather for this romantic experiment. But remember, if the Capricorn/Monkey loves you, there is no love more fervently pure than his. As the object of a Monkey born in Capricorn’s affections, you will be the light (and the dark) of your admirer’s life—forever. It’s a very big job. The emotional rewards are many. Ditto the sleepless nights.

Home and Family

Plenty of room to breathe and relax—not to mention perform— at home is what the Monkey born in Capricorn dreams of. This subject feels everyone ought to have his or her own space to be alone in. Houses will be large and furnished in excellent taste. This Capricorn is rather more manual than most, as Monkey lends him dexterity and grace. Even in his strict, almost uniform-type manner of dress, this person cleaves to traditional colors and easy to manage shapes. Beiges and navy blues will predominate. Grays, too, will be worn discreetly and cool dark greens favored by the Capricorn/Monkey. It’s almost as though the Capricorn/Monkey has such a multicolored circus going on inside his head that he wants peaceful surroundings in which to find repose.

This person will be a conscientious parent but is not likely to hatch multiple broods. The Capricorn/Monkey has limited patience with the frivolities of childhood. Babies will probably not bother the Capricorn/Monkey, as he or she will find them endearing and innocent. But as a child grows and needs guidance, the Capricorn/Monkey parent will prove short-tempered at times. This native has all he can do to hold himself together. All transgressions on the part of offspring will represent a personal failure to keep order in the universe. The advantage to having such a parent is, of course, the example set by his or her general good behavior in the world. Capricorn/Monkeys are far from being mother hens. They love their kids—that’s enough.

This child, on the other hand, will be quite adorable. A born performer and lover of everything to do with spectacle, this kid will probably want to watch TV nine hours a day and go to the movies the rest of the time, that is when he’s not at theater camp or directing operations in the school production. The behind-the-scenes quality of this person’s nature makes for an interesting, somewhat secretive and solitary child whose monkeyshines will always surprise those close to him or her. Too, this is a cerebral child whose studies will play a leading role in his activities. A gratifying little person to have around, this kid learns fast and enjoys the company of adults.


Jobs and career-oriented pursuits are the flames that ignite this character’s whole existence. Capricorn/Monkeys are antilaziness. They are creative and know how to tell stories and captivate audiences. Their expression is very emotional and their sufferings moving. They are dry and almost brittle at times. But for all his or her superficial aridity, the Capricorn/Monkey is able to transpose the wall-to-wall mosaic show inside his mind into viable vehicles for others to view and enjoy. He or she is a gifted interpreter of human life.

As a boss, the Capricorn/Monkey will be steady and able to laugh with his subordinates. People like this person’s compassionate authority in job situations. The Capricorn/Monkey deals well with rank. He doesn’t mind being a member of a group at work on a special project. As long as his creativity and artistry are not threatened, he can take orders with especial good humor.

Jobs that are likely to please the Capricorn/Monkey are: film or theatrical director, actor or actress, performer (singer, dancer, comedian, and the like), writer, gossip columnist, TV producer, TV commercials director, historian, psychologist, astrologer, cinematographer, photographer.

The Capricorn Goat/ Ram/ Sheep Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Capricorn (December 22- January 20)
Year of the Goat: 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015

The normally lackadaisical Goat personality gets a run for his money when his birthright links him forever to the rigid, dependable, and ambitious Capricorn mountain-climbing Goat. The Chinese Goat and the occidental one are poles apart. The oriental Goat drips with sensitivity and thinks only of whimsy and invention. The other is an uphill skier whose ambition is to be ambitious. “Get there or die!” says the dogged Capricorn. “Ouch! My feet hurt,” whines the sensitive Goat. Inner discord is no stranger to people born under the dual sign of Capricorn/Goat. The push-me-pull you effect that two directly opposite vectors produce in this character causes him or her a lot of personal anguish. Capricorns born in Goat years know they must be serious. They work to get into a position of power. They struggle through studies and often come up the hard way, through the ranks. Both signs are persevering.

Lucky for the Goat to be born Capricorn. This addition of a little earth to the capricious Goat’s personality doesn’t spoil his high quality and even puts a fair amount of starch in his otherwise flimsy sails. Capricorn/Goats remain (for Capricorns) the crazies of the Capricorn race. But they manage to keep their feet on the ground about ninety percent more than other Goats. Of course, they pay for this security. Capricorn/Goats don’t have time to be as creative as they’d like. They are preoccupied with success. They are driven by a need for recognition. They are even a tiny bit pretentious and want to be rich enough to show off once in awhile. Naturally all the industriousness they must employ in the drive to become somebody in their chosen profession takes time away from invention. As a result, the Capricorn/Goat is given to daydreaming and imagining a better world wherein he or she would be able to fly or to paint or to play at Carnegie Hall or to win the Davis Cup.

In the long run, this person grows elastic. He or she will learn as time goes along to abstract the day-to-day and to live solely in anticipation of short periods of blissful irresponsibility. This Goat is too reliable for his own good. Since his dependability cuts down on his creativity, his Capricorn wisdom and sense of what is right gives this Goat a pain in the neck. But no matter how vigorously he denies it, his first duty is to his work. Capricorn sees to that from the word go.

What’s most delectable about this person is that although he is an almost religiously strict Capricorn (all the more severe because he is a convert), he knows better than all other Capricorns how to let loose. In his off-duty moments, you would guess him to be a wild-eyed Taurus/Dragon or at least a murky Scorpio. He loves to dance and sing and generally carry on. Capricorn/Goats have huge reserves of charisma. They are both elegant and sensitive. They love company. They covet power and they are remarkably verbal. They are spendthrift and rarely prompt.


Capricorn/Goat is a romantic idealist. He or she believes in fairy tales. Although these subjects will not be terribly verbose about lovemaking, they are eager and enthusiastic sex partners. The Goat born in Capricorn is given to great displays of affection through gifts or even pranks or loving surprises. No matter how serious they may seem, they are just itching to get out of their Capricorn suit and into their Goatly rags so they can rush off into the woods like Pan and woo little unsuspectors into their lair.

These people are mightily attractive. And promiscuous? Well, a little—no, a lot. But they know how to be discreet. If you love a Capricorn/Goat, remember he or she is a Goat. Remember that if you marry or live with one of these people you will most likely be (subtly, of course) wearing the pants. The Capricorn/Goat comes on very strong and seems to be authoritarian. But what he really wants is to be left alone to play with his toys and gambol through the woods. If you can improve his lot by undertaking the details of householding or bringing home the bacon, this person will not love you less for doing so.

Home and Family

When the Capricorn/Goat is at home, he wants it beautiful and well kept. Mostly, he’s out. This person is quirky. He is capable of suddenly deciding to renew all the furniture in the whole house. Out with the old and in with the new. Capricorn is, after all, the sign of the New Year. And Goats? Well, they are all whacked out of their skulls when it comes to material wealth. So burn the old couches and sofas or put them out on the sidewalk. “And the new furniture, madam? Where shall I put it?” “Why, on my American Express, of course,” says the Goatly Capricorn. Luxe and debt. The bylaws of the Capricorn/Goat home life.

The Capricorn/Goat parent is loving but not always giving. He or she can be impatient and even sarcastic with kids. The Capricorn/Goat parent is always champing at the bit herself because she isn’t free to be free the way kids are. Her children's comparative liberty rankles the Capricorn/Goat parent. Let’s say he or she is a devoted but difficult parent who needs understanding from kids, who are not, as we know, always compassionate with a troubled or busy parent. Capricorn/Goat parents especially adore their kids when the kids are old enough to look after themselves.

The Capricorn/Goat child will have the potential to be the light of his parents’ life. Talented and creative, intelligent and whimsical, this kid’s winsomeness makes you want to chew him up alive. But try and get him to settle down to work on his math. This kid is a handful. Rewarding, and very, very conscientious about parents later in life. But when they are small, Capricorn/Goat kids know how to keep adults hopping. They should be disciplined early on and never allowed to think anything in life worth having comes cheap. This kid needs a sound religious education, too.


I hesitate to say that this person is a born leader. Yet, despite all the whimsy and the flimsy, this character is a veritable monument of magnetism. Properly applied, the blend of wise Capricorn and sensitive Goat is unbeatable. There’s something about the very disparity of characters involved that creates a synergy capable of uncanny attraction. The inventiveness of Goat can best be put to material use by the steady Capricorn. If the combination works, that is if Goat is controlled most of the time by Capricorn, the charge is electric, to say the least.

In a position of power this person will be just plain bossy. He or she directs operations almost by second nature. “Get me this and bring me that.” However, as the Capricorn/Goat is more humanitarian than he is bossy, his employees will adore him. He never forgets their birthdays and gives quick promotions for the sake of morale building. This person can be an employee. But not for long. Some jobs that might appeal to the Capricorn/Goat are: performer, physician, surgeon, politician, producer, dean of a university.

The Capricorn Horse Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Capricorn (December 22- January 20)
Year of the Horse: 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

“Count on me!” says the reliable Capricorn/Horse. And believe me, you can. Here is a marriage made in heaven. Capricorn lends solidity and staying power to the somewhat dandified and often insecure Horse character. In his turn, Horse gives this Capricorn manual dexterity and a finely developed sense of his or her own popularity. Here we have a subject whose personal development is often subjugated to the needs of others.

Capricorns born in Horse years are good people. They take care of the less fortunate in minutest clothes-brushing detail. They know how to love. They set a fine example to more selfish sorts and, because of their semirigidity and somewhat forbidding air, are frequently misunderstood. Capricorn/Horses seem snappish and even a bit rough on their entourages. They are essentially peace-loving people, of course. But their manner is dry and their demeanor brittle.

Capricorn/Horses are conscientious and painstaking to a fault. If at first they don’t succeed, they have infinite resources for trying again. These people are believers in humanity. They are rigorous for themselves and only indulgent with others if others show promise. Do-nothings and layabouts abstain. The Capricorn/Horse has no time for indolents. He wants to surround himself with unusual and creative people. This character is perpetual motion incarnate. He or she never sits still unless the project being worked on demands a sitting position. They are doers of deeds and setters of cornerstones. They get things going every day, over and over, and they somehow manage to inject fantasy, excitement and creativity into any kind of routine.

The ingenuousness of Capricorn/Horses is both touching and admirable. Despite all that can happen in a lifetime—illness, setbacks, poverty, loss, and so on, these folks manage to view life as an inevitable continuum, a clock that needs to be wound daily no matter the weather in order to give proper service. Capricorn/Horses treat life gently, as though it belonged to them only for a short while. They seem to sense that one day they too will have to pass away. This combination of innocence and resignation can bring with it an excessive awareness or fear of aging.

The Capricorn/Horse is a secret wrinkle-watcher. Curiously, this person rarely achieves anything grand or of cosmic import until late in life. As there is great deliberation in this character’s makeup and an attention to detail rare indeed, his works often require years to germinate and be tested and finally to blossom forth. Early success is not instantly given to retiring, self-effacing souls. But, in the case of the talented and even unwittingly brilliant Capricorn/Horse, fulfillment always arrives sometime. How could such cleverness and creativity go eternally overlooked?

Finally, most appealing about the personality of the Capricorn/Horse is that he is not out to prove anything to anyone. He’s living his old life at his pace in his way and something invisible tells him it’s just fine like that. He’s neither demonstrative nor really extroverted. Rather, the Capricorn/Horse exhibits a certain pleasant reserve, which, although close to shyness, does not qualify as shrinking timidity. Capricorn/Horses are not as self-aware as the average Horse person. But they are equally hardworking, practical and noble.


This generous, peaceful nature revels in love. Moreover, people love Capricorn/Horses easily. They respect them too; admire their spunk and talent. In fact, I don’t know any Capricorn/Horse people who aren’t overrun by suitors or fawned upon by ladies. Thing is, Capricorn/Horse is basically faithful. He or she has no eye for promiscuity or lighthearted one-night stands. Who would watch the laboratory while Monsieur Pasteur is out back flirting with the goose girl? No, sir.

Capricorn/Horse keeps his own eye on his own test tubes and trusts nobody else with the serious side of his life. His romantic goal? To find someone funny to love, who will offer distraction and loyalty forever.

If you love a Capricorn/Horse, I can understand you. If he or she can’t love you back, I know you must be crushed. But you do, of course, see that this citadel of integrity and enticing diffidence cannot possibly maintain the image of which you are so enamored if he or she leaves an active affair to take up with you. Unless you corral this colt from the cradle or catch him or her on the rebound or coming into the stretch, you will have to get up pretty early in the morning to win a Capricorn/Horse’s love.

If, by some fluke, you find one of these desirable mates roaming around free, tell him or her a joke. Capricorn/Horses are serious folks. Anything that jollies them up gets an instant A+.

Home and Family

Capricorn/Horses like traditional surroundings. They enjoy function and give it precedence over form in decoration. Like all Horse subjects, they are attracted by bright colors and yet, because they are Capricorn, these people use fuchsias and cadmium yellows in a less cavalier fashion than most flashier Horses. An ornate shawl is thrown over an overstuffed couch; a hand-made patchwork quilt in crazy colors adorns their bed. But all in all, the decor at Capricorn/Horse’s house is natural and practical. Wood, stone, plants and more wood.

Capable of enormous self-sacrifice for family needs, the Capricorn/Horse makes a terrific parent. He or she is sufficiently sentimental to remember to hug and compliment little ones for achievement. And the Capricorn/Horse is also strict and teaches by example. His or her time, again the Capricorn/Horse’s strongest resource, belongs to the nurturing process. This parent doesn’t take any back talk from kids but has, nonetheless, a relaxed and familiar rapport with them. The Capricorn/Horse takes great pride in his children’s achievements. But if a child fails, he knows he can always run first to a Capricorn/Horse Mom or Dad for comfort.

The Capricorn/Horse child gives parents much pleasure. This is the one kid in the family who stays close to home even after he or she is grown. The Horse born in Capricorn doesn’t mind rules and understands parental regulation. His aim as a child will be to please his family, to make them proud and to make sure he receives an extra pat on the head for his efforts. You can give the Capricorn/Horse lots of education. He is bright and willing to learn. Also, as he will tend to be silent, he should be encouraged to participate in home productions of plays and readings. He has the talent for great performance but he’s too conservative to show off.


Service professions suit the Capricorn/Horse. He or she will be drawn to jobs that require experimentation and demand steadiness and routine. The Capricorn/Horse is creative. But he or she is essentially a plough horse. The spotlight? Get it out of his eyes, please. Capricorn/Horse wants only to know that what he works at is worthwhile. He doesn’t fancy frivolous careers in glamour professions. He’s after results. He’s socially conscious and very humane.

Jobs this subject might excel at arc: minister of health, scientist, chef, veterinarian, craftsperson, fabric designer, furniture builder, architect, lawyer, nurse, dog trainer, wine grower.
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