Saturday, August 26, 2017

20 Unique and Interesting Facts About Capricorn


1. Capricorns grow in life from the experiences we have encountered, not by lecturing. 100%!

2. Capricorn are caring people, but if you get on their BAD side there ain't no returning.

3. Capricorns may appear to be hardened people who don’t care at all, but inside they are sensitive and often romantic.

4. Capricorn usually keeps watching and listening rather than responding to what you say.
5. Capricorns are intimidating until you get to know how really amazing they are.

6. Capricorn never stop until the end.

7. Capricorns are dreamers. However, when they wake up, they become doers to realize those dreams.

8. Caps are great at calling people on their bullsh*t.

9. Capricorn's bluntness can be a double-edged sword.

10. Capricorns think that they have failed themselves by not fulfilling a goal that had been set.

11. Capricorns are aware of the walls they built.

12. Capricorn ladies hate being co-dependent. They need to do their own sh!t in order to feel satisfied.

13. Capricorns are compassionate as well as sympathetic. They make excellent best friends.

14. A Capricorn has a unique sense of humor. 

15. Capricorns make long-term friends. They don't do anything shallow.

16. People born under the zodiac sign Capricorn tend to be very materialistic in nature and they value everything on the basis of money.

17. Capricorn is the most loyal relationship sign.

18. Generally speaking, most Capricorns put more emphasis on good deeds and achievements than on wealth or power.

19. Capricorns have fine taste and choose only high-quality mates. They have high standards.

20. Capricorns have few REAL friends.

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