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Capricorn Monkey Personality Traits


The Capricorn Monkey Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Capricorn (December 22- January 20)
Year of the Monkey: 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

A certain indefinable air of resigned melancholy pervades the portrait of Capricorn born in Monkey. Although I cannot say why, the combination of Capricorn-the austere and Monkey-the-problem-solver creates in its natives a queer brand of personal anguish. These people are not obviously nervous. Indeed, their smart demeanor and distinguished bearing bespeak an attitude of self-assurance.

Capricorn/Monkeys send out dignity vibes. They are what my mother used to call debonair. Nevertheless, underneath the smooth, mannerly veneer lives a tortured soul. Perhaps the Monkey’s self-assuredness and basic temperance clash with Capricornian stiffness. Maybe, instead of Capricorn benefiting gaily from Monkey’s silly side and incorporating a bit of that simian loquacity, the Capricorn element is intimidated by
its Monkey side. Sometimes I think that Capricorn/Monkeys must feel like one of those good-looking, beribboned, shiny cardboard boxes from fancy shops, inside of which sits a naughty, tricky and giggling live baboon. The package, in other words, doesn’t at all reflect its contents.

Capricorn/Monkeys like to appear serious. In fact, unless you know them intimately and become privy to their secret life, you will probably only know the grave side of this person’s nature. Superficially they are the most presentable people in captivity. Inside the home, they can be absolute rotters. I do not wish to suggest dual natures. But the Monkey born in Capricorn suffers from a form of public shyness rare among men. If you meet him or her in a bar where the atmosphere is jolly and tongues are loosened by exotic elixirs, you will probably not notice this clammed-up side. You will see a jolly, story-telling performer with a sly twinkle in his eye and a memory for narrative that astounds as well as amuses. He will be bright and dapper, sharp-witted, slightly bitchy and really very witty.

The Capricorn/Monkey’s timing is perfect. Yet you take this character home and put her or him into a living room situation and the picture goes all fuzzy. Somehow Capricorn/Monkeys imagine they must create the order and handle the planning and running of whatever it is that constitutes private life. They take this responsibility terribly seriously. “Where are the groceries? Why isn’t dinner ready? Why didn’t Maria clean the library? What happened to your socks? Have you lost your mind? You can’t spend your whole week’s allowance on comic books!” It’s obvious that their jaunty Monkey side doesn’t cotton to this burdensome Capricorn severity.

Nonetheless, there it is. Capricorn/Monkey is a hell of a cop. Essentially, the Capricorn/Monkey is theatrical. He has an agile and exacting mind. He has a superlative talent for expression. He enjoys sinewy, lanky good looks with a bone structure that would make Greta Garbo weep with envy. Capricorn/Monkeys see human situations in a special light all their own. They understand and are compassionate with all variety of personal joy and suffering. They know how to translate these emotions for others’ appreciation. Capricorn/Monkeys are interpreters. They are not simple, nor are they easy, laid back or bohemian. Fa├žade is important to them. Social graces and custom will continue to die hard so long as they keep making Capricorn/Monkeys.


Quality takes precedence over quantity in the rather abstemious romantic life of Capricorn/Monkeys. This subject would always prefer to be deeply in love forever than passionately in love for a split second. Moreover, the Capricorn/Monkey’s standards of excellence are high. He won’t be happy with somebody who looks as if the cat dragged him in when he gets out of bed. Capricorn/Monkey will make no bones about sporting velvet dressing gowns and matching slippers. He or she will enjoy the trappings of a life with someone else, share intimacies of a secret and (for the Capricorn/Monkey) terrifying nature only with the loved one, and dream of the old adage: “Live hidden, live happy.”

Should you be caught in the charm vortex of this spruce and dashing personage, I suggest you toy with the idea of being at least as meticulous as a Virgo. You will need all the resourcefulness you can gather for this romantic experiment. But remember, if the Capricorn/Monkey loves you, there is no love more fervently pure than his. As the object of a Monkey born in Capricorn’s affections, you will be the light (and the dark) of your admirer’s life—forever. It’s a very big job. The emotional rewards are many. Ditto the sleepless nights.

Home and Family

Plenty of room to breathe and relax—not to mention perform— at home is what the Monkey born in Capricorn dreams of. This subject feels everyone ought to have his or her own space to be alone in. Houses will be large and furnished in excellent taste. This Capricorn is rather more manual than most, as Monkey lends him dexterity and grace. Even in his strict, almost uniform-type manner of dress, this person cleaves to traditional colors and easy to manage shapes. Beiges and navy blues will predominate. Grays, too, will be worn discreetly and cool dark greens favored by the Capricorn/Monkey. It’s almost as though the Capricorn/Monkey has such a multicolored circus going on inside his head that he wants peaceful surroundings in which to find repose.

This person will be a conscientious parent but is not likely to hatch multiple broods. The Capricorn/Monkey has limited patience with the frivolities of childhood. Babies will probably not bother the Capricorn/Monkey, as he or she will find them endearing and innocent. But as a child grows and needs guidance, the Capricorn/Monkey parent will prove short-tempered at times. This native has all he can do to hold himself together. All transgressions on the part of offspring will represent a personal failure to keep order in the universe. The advantage to having such a parent is, of course, the example set by his or her general good behavior in the world. Capricorn/Monkeys are far from being mother hens. They love their kids—that’s enough.

This child, on the other hand, will be quite adorable. A born performer and lover of everything to do with spectacle, this kid will probably want to watch TV nine hours a day and go to the movies the rest of the time, that is when he’s not at theater camp or directing operations in the school production. The behind-the-scenes quality of this person’s nature makes for an interesting, somewhat secretive and solitary child whose monkeyshines will always surprise those close to him or her. Too, this is a cerebral child whose studies will play a leading role in his activities. A gratifying little person to have around, this kid learns fast and enjoys the company of adults.


Jobs and career-oriented pursuits are the flames that ignite this character’s whole existence. Capricorn/Monkeys are antilaziness. They are creative and know how to tell stories and captivate audiences. Their expression is very emotional and their sufferings moving. They are dry and almost brittle at times. But for all his or her superficial aridity, the Capricorn/Monkey is able to transpose the wall-to-wall mosaic show inside his mind into viable vehicles for others to view and enjoy. He or she is a gifted interpreter of human life.

As a boss, the Capricorn/Monkey will be steady and able to laugh with his subordinates. People like this person’s compassionate authority in job situations. The Capricorn/Monkey deals well with rank. He doesn’t mind being a member of a group at work on a special project. As long as his creativity and artistry are not threatened, he can take orders with especial good humor.

Jobs that are likely to please the Capricorn/Monkey are: film or theatrical director, actor or actress, performer (singer, dancer, comedian, and the like), writer, gossip columnist, TV producer, TV commercials director, historian, psychologist, astrologer, cinematographer, photographer.
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