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Capricorn Horse Personality Traits


The Capricorn Horse Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Capricorn (December 22- January 20)
Year of the Horse: 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

“Count on me!” says the reliable Capricorn/Horse. And believe me, you can. Here is a marriage made in heaven. Capricorn lends solidity and staying power to the somewhat dandified and often insecure Horse character. In his turn, Horse gives this Capricorn manual dexterity and a finely developed sense of his or her own popularity. Here we have a subject whose personal development is often subjugated to the needs of others.

Capricorns born in Horse years are good people. They take care of the less fortunate in minutest clothes-brushing detail. They know how to love. They set a fine example to more selfish sorts and, because of their semirigidity and somewhat forbidding air, are frequently misunderstood. Capricorn/Horses seem snappish and even a bit rough on their entourages. They are essentially peace-loving people, of course. But their manner is dry and their demeanor brittle.

Capricorn/Horses are conscientious and painstaking to a fault. If at first they don’t succeed, they have infinite resources for trying again. These people are believers in humanity. They are rigorous for themselves and only indulgent with others if others show promise. Do-nothings and layabouts abstain. The Capricorn/Horse has no time for indolents. He wants to surround himself with unusual and creative people. This character is perpetual motion incarnate. He or she never sits still unless the project being worked on demands a sitting position. They are doers of deeds and setters of cornerstones. They get things going every day, over and over, and they somehow manage to inject fantasy, excitement and creativity into any kind of routine.

The ingenuousness of Capricorn/Horses is both touching and admirable. Despite all that can happen in a lifetime—illness, setbacks, poverty, loss, and so on, these folks manage to view life as an inevitable continuum, a clock that needs to be wound daily no matter the weather in order to give proper service. Capricorn/Horses treat life gently, as though it belonged to them only for a short while. They seem to sense that one day they too will have to pass away. This combination of innocence and resignation can bring with it an excessive awareness or fear of aging.

The Capricorn/Horse is a secret wrinkle-watcher. Curiously, this person rarely achieves anything grand or of cosmic import until late in life. As there is great deliberation in this character’s makeup and an attention to detail rare indeed, his works often require years to germinate and be tested and finally to blossom forth. Early success is not instantly given to retiring, self-effacing souls. But, in the case of the talented and even unwittingly brilliant Capricorn/Horse, fulfillment always arrives sometime. How could such cleverness and creativity go eternally overlooked?

Finally, most appealing about the personality of the Capricorn/Horse is that he is not out to prove anything to anyone. He’s living his old life at his pace in his way and something invisible tells him it’s just fine like that. He’s neither demonstrative nor really extroverted. Rather, the Capricorn/Horse exhibits a certain pleasant reserve, which, although close to shyness, does not qualify as shrinking timidity. Capricorn/Horses are not as self-aware as the average Horse person. But they are equally hardworking, practical and noble.


This generous, peaceful nature revels in love. Moreover, people love Capricorn/Horses easily. They respect them too; admire their spunk and talent. In fact, I don’t know any Capricorn/Horse people who aren’t overrun by suitors or fawned upon by ladies. Thing is, Capricorn/Horse is basically faithful. He or she has no eye for promiscuity or lighthearted one-night stands. Who would watch the laboratory while Monsieur Pasteur is out back flirting with the goose girl? No, sir.

Capricorn/Horse keeps his own eye on his own test tubes and trusts nobody else with the serious side of his life. His romantic goal? To find someone funny to love, who will offer distraction and loyalty forever.

If you love a Capricorn/Horse, I can understand you. If he or she can’t love you back, I know you must be crushed. But you do, of course, see that this citadel of integrity and enticing diffidence cannot possibly maintain the image of which you are so enamored if he or she leaves an active affair to take up with you. Unless you corral this colt from the cradle or catch him or her on the rebound or coming into the stretch, you will have to get up pretty early in the morning to win a Capricorn/Horse’s love.

If, by some fluke, you find one of these desirable mates roaming around free, tell him or her a joke. Capricorn/Horses are serious folks. Anything that jollies them up gets an instant A+.

Home and Family

Capricorn/Horses like traditional surroundings. They enjoy function and give it precedence over form in decoration. Like all Horse subjects, they are attracted by bright colors and yet, because they are Capricorn, these people use fuchsias and cadmium yellows in a less cavalier fashion than most flashier Horses. An ornate shawl is thrown over an overstuffed couch; a hand-made patchwork quilt in crazy colors adorns their bed. But all in all, the decor at Capricorn/Horse’s house is natural and practical. Wood, stone, plants and more wood.

Capable of enormous self-sacrifice for family needs, the Capricorn/Horse makes a terrific parent. He or she is sufficiently sentimental to remember to hug and compliment little ones for achievement. And the Capricorn/Horse is also strict and teaches by example. His or her time, again the Capricorn/Horse’s strongest resource, belongs to the nurturing process. This parent doesn’t take any back talk from kids but has, nonetheless, a relaxed and familiar rapport with them. The Capricorn/Horse takes great pride in his children’s achievements. But if a child fails, he knows he can always run first to a Capricorn/Horse Mom or Dad for comfort.

The Capricorn/Horse child gives parents much pleasure. This is the one kid in the family who stays close to home even after he or she is grown. The Horse born in Capricorn doesn’t mind rules and understands parental regulation. His aim as a child will be to please his family, to make them proud and to make sure he receives an extra pat on the head for his efforts. You can give the Capricorn/Horse lots of education. He is bright and willing to learn. Also, as he will tend to be silent, he should be encouraged to participate in home productions of plays and readings. He has the talent for great performance but he’s too conservative to show off.


Service professions suit the Capricorn/Horse. He or she will be drawn to jobs that require experimentation and demand steadiness and routine. The Capricorn/Horse is creative. But he or she is essentially a plough horse. The spotlight? Get it out of his eyes, please. Capricorn/Horse wants only to know that what he works at is worthwhile. He doesn’t fancy frivolous careers in glamour professions. He’s after results. He’s socially conscious and very humane.

Jobs this subject might excel at arc: minister of health, scientist, chef, veterinarian, craftsperson, fabric designer, furniture builder, architect, lawyer, nurse, dog trainer, wine grower.
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